суббота, 5 апреля 2014 г.

Relase version 0.6.23 and web version already available for alfa testing

Change Log

- group selection of manga;
  • remove selected mangas;
  • change categories for selected mangas;
  • change folder for selected mangas;
- fix problems with horizontal reader;
- fix problems with dual page reader;
- fix problems with downloading via 3G;
- add space manager (Profile);
- add recovery chapter from folder;
- add synchronization statistics;
- add synchronization achievements;
- improved synchronization categories;
- improved notifications;
- bug fixes;

http://mangawatcher.org/ - available for already registered users.

четверг, 27 февраля 2014 г.

Knowing crashes and password recovery

Hi All,

Sorry for the problems and thanks to all who FeedBacks about problems!

Crash when start app
If you have a problem with crash the app when start then please try next steps:
- set off internet connection;
- start app and set off Check for new versions;
- set on internet connection back;

Crash when reading
The problem with "Pagination" viewer. Please change viewer in settings on simple or vertical.

Password recovery
Now you can recovery your password:

P.S. I'm work on new version with bug fixes and soon I'll release it.

Vadim Babin

среда, 13 ноября 2013 г.

Can't install apk MangaWatcher

This post only for people who can't install apk MangaWatcher!

Make sure you disable option "Settings->Security->Unknown sources";
If this not help then try install apk file from following page:

This apk file with renamed package name (application id) and signed another key.

Vadim Babin

вторник, 12 ноября 2013 г.

Release version 0.6.21

Change log

- added new smoother vertical reader with seamless reading;
- added extension support. Now anyone can make extension for MangaWatcher which support any new site;
- added new modern library view. In settings set off Preference "Use My Library classic view";
- fix problems with changing cover;
- fix reading stats days graphic;
- added reading stats months graphic;
- reindex all sites;
- fix bug with sound when complete downloading;
- bug fixes;

пятница, 27 сентября 2013 г.

Release new version 0.6.20 (bug fix)

Change log version

- fix problems with open manga series (for some devices);
- fix Global Search + return "Advaced search";
- fix problems with cover change;
- fix some problems with reading zip archives;
- minor redesign;
- add "Reset statistics" for manga series;
- add translation for German (thanks that_guy);
- add translation for Italian (thanks Roberto);
- add translation for Czech (thanks kisuke93);
- fixed translation for English (thanks John);
- fix problems with Central de Mangas; - bug fixes;

+ harware acceleration while reading!

p.s. Please redownload if you install 0.6.20.

Vadim Babin

суббота, 21 сентября 2013 г.

Release MangaWatcher version 0.6.19

Version 0.6.19

- big redesign!
- add Dual pages viewer for tablets (beta), without zooming;
- add properties for manga series: "Delete after reading", "Download new chapter", "Type of Viewer". This mean you can change properties individual for each manga series;
- add Czech translation (thanks kisuke93);
- fix problem with incorrect chapter download status;
- fix problems with "Update All";
- fix problems with starkana.com;
- fix problems with centraldemangas.com.br;
- bug fixes;